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Frank Lange. The rock in the surf

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Frank Lange. The rock in the surf
Frank Lange is a special person. What he sets his mind to, he also puts into practice. This applies to his job as well as to his private undertakings. It is admirable in any case. Just now he is on the road in the Alps. He had been planning to do this for a long time and always raved about crossing the Alps. Now he has also taken on this challenge.

The crossing of the Alps on the E5 is classified as difficult. Hiking experience in the mountains is mandatory and you must be able to orient yourself even in poor visibility. The crossing of the Alps on the E5 is not suitable for novice hikers. Even if you have no experience with alpine hiking, this tour is not recommended. The tour includes long hiking days with walking times of 6- 9 hours (pure walking time without breaks), which require a very good physical condition. Every day you will climb or descend an average of 1000-1500 meters in altitude. You move on alpine paths, which lead over scree, rock and alpine pastures and cross passes, which are partly exposed and secured by ropes. One should have a very good condition, as well as be sure-footed and free of giddiness, in order to be able to walk the alpine crossing carefree.

Frank trained daily before starting work. And often he did long hikes on the weekends. As already said. When Frank sets his mind to something, he makes it happen.
We wish him and his wife a good trip, across the Alps from Oberstorf to Merane. Break a leg, as they say.

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