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Drauf & Dran is a certified facade foiler

Drauf & Dran is a certified facade foiler

Last week we had a visit from Renolit. The reason is the certification of Drauf und Dran. The aim of Drauf und Dran is to produce facade coatings of the highest quality. And quality also includes durability. So that we can give them a guarantee promise of 10 years, the training of the coworkers and the certification of our enterprise, is indispensable. Our filming professionals have spent a day familiarizing themselves with the matter of facade film and have discovered and learned tips, tricks and tricks. Now nothing stands in the way of facade foiling. We are looking forward to exciting projects.

What is actually a facade filming?
A film solution can be applied more quickly, does not generate spray mist and thus solvent emissions, masking is not required and building use is never interrupted. It also protects the surface and is particularly durable. The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty if the film is properly installed, but experience shows that it lasts longer.

Once it is verified that the surface is suitable, we recommend filming, especially for commercial properties whose owners care about an attractive appearance. The facade is the face of any building and makes a significant contribution to the feel-good factor for tenants as well. With RENOLIT REFACE facade film, the quality is convincing.

What foil is used?

RENOLIT REFACE is a high-quality multi-layer film specially developed for coating metal facades, HPL panels and aluminum cassettes. It can be used to provide fast, cost-effective and durable facade renovation. The weather-resistant facade cladding gives a modernized appearance and serves to preserve the value of the building. Due to its special rigidity, it can be easily applied on site even in windy weather. At the same time, RENOLIT REFACE is flexible enough to be easily bent around edges. The "Air Release Technology" prevents the formation of air bubbles, while the good repositionability of the film makes it easy to correct small application errors again.

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