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Vehicle foiling

What can be foiled?

Virtually anything with a suitable surface can be laminated. It must have a sufficient adhesive base and a suitable structure. In addition, the material must not contain any chemical substances that react with the film or adhesive. In addition, a sufficient adhesive surface must be available.

What are the conditions for vehicle wrapping?

The paint of the vehicle must be free of damage. As a rule, this means no rust spots, no clear coat that is already coming off, and perfect adhesion between the paint and the component. To check the suitability of the surface, a so-called cross-cut test is carried out. As a rule, unpainted vehicle parts cannot be coated.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

The answer depends on the climatic conditions, the behavior of the vehicle owners and the film used. The warranty distinguishes between horizontal and vertical surfaces, printed and solid colored films and climatic zones. Durability ranges from short-term applications of 6 months to 4 years. Of course, the film can last longer if the vehicle is mainly in a garage.

How much does a full wrap cost?

Foiling is manual work. Accordingly, the price depends on the amount of time and material used. A vehicle does not have to be large to be elaborate. Many beads, add-on parts, angled surfaces and the type of film determine the time required. Prices also depend on the type of film used. Simple through-dyed, surface embossed, metallized, digitally printed films or a combination of digital printing and effect laminate determine the final price. A car ranges from 2000 to 3000 euros. Beyond that, of course, there is a wide range.

Is there a warranty on foiling?

The answer depends on the film. Of course, there is a guarantee on the processing. For this, as already mentioned, a preliminary inspection of the vehicle is necessary. For the films, there are often warranty restrictions, depending on the surface location.

What is the difference of film lettering and full filming?

Foil lettering is the laying of contour-cut foils on partial surfaces. In the case of full foiling, entire components are foiled over the entire surface.

Facade foiling

Which facades can be foiled?

A prerequisite for foiling is a suitable adhesive base. In addition, a sufficient adhesive surface of at least 10mm is required. The radii or beads must also be suitable for foiling. A facade foil is not suitable for a 3 dimensional due to its material properties. The film must be laid tension-free.

Werden für die Folierung spezielle Folien verwendet?

Ja. Die Folien müssen besonders UV-beständig sein. Die von uns verwendete Folie hat 10 Jahre Gewährleistung.

Gibt es für die Fassadenfolie in verschiedenen Farben?

Es gibt ein Standartsortiment an Farbei die auch als Kleinmengen angeboten werden. Für Projekte können auch Wunschfarben angeboten werden. Für diese gibt es zumeist eine Lieferzeit von ca. 12 Wochen.

How costly is a facade filming?

This depends on many factors. Soiling, type of facade, windows or other building openings, accessibility, height of the building determine the expense. After sending construction drawings or pictures, we can gladly give more information here.

What is the cost of a facade filming?

This cannot be answered in a generalized way. The price is often between 70 and 100 € per square meter.

How long does a facade filming last?

This depends on the conditions and the type of facades. We calculate with 1 to square meters per employee and hour.

Interior filming

What can be foiled?

We have already done a lot of foiling. Kitchen furniture, partitions and room walls, pianos, store fittings and more have been under our hands. It is important that the substrate allows adhesion.

Are special foils used for the foiling?

Yes and no. There are special effect films that imitate wood or metal, for example. For coloring, mostly "normal" solid-colored films are used, which are also used for vehicle foiling.

What costs can be expected?

An exact cost calculation can only be made after a detailed preliminary discussion. This requires knowledge of the type of components, the scope and the desired film.

What shelf life can you guarantee?

This depends on the use of the film. Normally, the film is not subject to wear due to UV radiation. A durability is however dependent on whether the surface is stressed or there are strong temperature fluctuations. We give in any case the legal claims as a warranty.

Sign making

Which materials can be processed with the laser?

We laser on glass, wood, felt, leather, acrylic, stamp pads and much more.

What material is used for signs?

In our company, different materials are used for plates. Rigid foam, forex, aluminum composite, hollow comb web, cardboard or acrylic. Talk to us about the desired application. We have the possibility to laser, mill or cut the plates.

Mounted on top & on it?

Yes, we deliver and assemble all over Europe.

What printing services do you offer?

In our company, we use latex and UV inks for digital printing. In addition, we can print on our latex machine with a white ink on transparent films and create different effects.

Textile finishing

Which textiles can be printed?

All materials without surface coating can be printed.

What textiles can be embroidered?

The embroidery material must have sufficient material thickness and structure. In addition, it must be possible to clamp the embroidery surface onto the embroidery frame in an accessible manner.

Are there cleaning instructions with the textiles?

Yes. We include these with all printed items. In addition, they can be accessed here on the website.

What are the delivery times of Drauf & Dran?

The delivery time depends on the workload and availability of the goods at upstream suppliers. For textile prints we have a delivery time of about 5 days. Digital prints often go to our customers within 24 hours. Projects are to be discussed individually.

Do you use certified textiles?

We offer various eco, fair trade, organic certifications.

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